by Heidi Nestor, Writer and Editor, Life Alert


Life Alert doesn’t want you to get scammed in the New Year.

Let Fall be a Season and Not a Life Altering Event.

As the industry leader in personal protection, Life Alert takes pride in protecting you and your home, and the first step in helping you protect yourself is by arming you with knowledge.   It’s important to know what medical alert system is right for you and what companies you should avoid.

Known as the “Help! I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up!” company, Life Alert’s iconic commercials have been the staple in the medical alert industry for over 28 years and are so well known that scammers and lesser known companies use the Life Alert’s honorable reputation to compare or mislead the public.  So the company has released an insightful Medical Alert Shopper’s Guide on what to look for when shopping for personal protection so you do get ripped off in the New Year.


Medical Alert Shopper’s Guide

“Don’t call me, I’ll call you.” 

When shopping for a medical alert system - take the stance of, “Don’t call me, I’ll call you.” 

Illegal call centers have created sophisticated ways in ripping off people by using robo-calling to let someone know they qualify for a FREE Life Alert.  These are the same kind of scams that offer to lower your interest rates or claim you won over $3000 dollars in grocery coupons.

A legitimate medical alert company will not cold call you or telemarket.  So if you or an elderly loved one gets one of these calls, just hang up.

“Prove it!”

Almost every medical alert company you encounter will claim that they are “America’s leading provider of emergency medical alarm devices” or that they are the “Top Pick for Consumers.”  So how do you know if this is true?

Have them prove it with reputation, service and customer satisfaction.

Ask them these simple questions:

  •  How many years has the business been selling medical alert services?  

  •  How many customer testimonials do they have published?

  •  Do they have an informative website with contact information?

  •  Do they have an A+ rating with the BBB?

  •  Do they own and operate their own dispatch center?

This question is perhaps the most important one because the emergency dispatch center is the most pivotal part of the medical alert process. Many companies outsource their dispatch centers to a third party to answer the emergency call. This removes the medical alert company from having control and responsibility.

A company that has their own dispatch center is personally invested in the safety of their customers.  Moreover, a medical alert company with a dispatch center on site means they are a strong and secure corporation that didn’t just pop up over-night only to be gone in the morning.

On the other hand, if a company also services bugler alarms, you should be aware that those kind of companies have a high rate of false alarms, and mixing up those type of calls with personal emergency calls tends to remove the urgency of helping you or your loved in a real emergency.


“No contract to sign!”

Believe it or not, this is a red flag.  A contract is your price guarantee and protects you against price hikes, hidden monthly charges or implementation fees.

A medical alert device is not like a cell phone where you shop around for the cheapest service.  Your goal is to find the most dependable service that will save lives – not the cheapest.

More importantly, a medical alert company that promotes “No Contract” does not have a fiduciary commitment to help you.  If they claim you can cancel at any time it also means they can cancel you at any time too.


“We’re less expensive.”

This is another red flag.  With so many medical alert options available now, why spend more money on the top brand when you can get the same thing cheaper?  Because not all medical alert companies are the same. 

There’s a reason why you are looking into getting extra help and protection either for yourself or a family member.  Would you hire a top surgeon to perform open heart surgery or a guy on the corner that says he can do it for less in his basement? 

Getting a cheap price on some things like a household items or clothing can be great.  Getting a cheap price on a service that is meant to save your life only means there is no guarantee the service will always be there. Yet ironically, the cost difference between the leading, known, reputable, brand and the unknown, cheap, guy is only a few bucks.

Not all medical alert systems are the same, and type of personal protection you choose could end up being a matter of life or death.  Beware of sites that claim that an unknown company is “Top Rated” or “Voted #1”, it simply means those positions were paid for and not earned. 

So if you were to add up all the quality, service, and protection that is needed in a medical alert product there is only one company that has it all, Life Alert.  Life Alert owns and operators its own emergency dispatch center, has many protection packages to suit one’s needs, and has a reputable history as seen with consumer testimonials.

Don’t buy cheap, buy quality protection - because someday your life may depend on it.

To know more, Life Alert’s “Ask for a Rep” is a complimentary service that provides consumers with FREE advice and comprehensive counseling on understanding personal protection needs.  Call 1-800-380-0768 nationwide for a FREE brochure to be mailed to you and then “Ask for a Rep.”

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