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Testimonial of the Day

We had to contact Life Alert when my husband slipped out of bed. The Life Alert representative was very courteous and professional. She contacted the paramedics immediately and called the other people on my husband’s contact list. She also stayed with me during my wait time for the paramedics to arrive. She also called back after the paramedics had left, to check on my husband. I would recommend Life Alert to anyone. Thank you, Life Alert!

W.M., Santa Clara, CA

Life Alert has saved my dad countless times. If he did not have Life Alert, I don’t know what would have happened! We highly, highly recommend to everyone we know, especially if someone is living alone for extended periods of time. It really gives us peace of mind!

J.M., Highland Park, IL 07.22.2024

Upon falling, I pressed the Life Alert button and almost immediately someone responded. He asked me a couple of questions and proceeded to call my in-house contact person and the fire department/paramedics, who arrived shortly.

M.C., Chicago, IL 07.19.2024

At 3:00 AM, I did not feel well and immediately pressed my Life Alert. The dispatcher stayed on the line the whole time and was very calm. The paramedics came in under 10 minutes and took me to the hospital as I had had a heart attack. I truly believe this service saved my life.

M.S., San Diego, CA 07.17.2024

I fell and couldn’t get up. I pressed my [Life Alert] alarm pendant and was contacted right away. Since I was in another part of the house, they couldn’t hear me yelling for help. They put in an EMS call immediately! The EMS people were very helpful and got me up. This service is indeed lifesaving!

D.S., Tampa, FL 07.22.2024

I could not have been more satisfied with my experiences with Life Alert- they more than likely saved my life. I wouldn’t be without it!

B.T., Rutland, VT 07.19.2024

Mom must have had a massive heart attack but before she went out, she pressed her Life Alert and you guys did your job and called emergency personnel. By the time I received my call, help was already there!

E.O., Jefferson City, MO 07.17.2024

My father wears his [Life Alert] lanyard alarm daily and during the few times he has fallen, the Life Alert team and process has been a successful, positive one. Thank you for giving him (and us!) the peace of mind to know that help is just a call away when the situation demands it.

A.J., Jacksonville, FL 07.22.2024

My daughter was home alone when she fell ill and fainted. She hit her head but awoke to find herself unable to stand. She crawled to the Life Alert unit and pushed the button for help. There was an immediate response and the local fire department and EMT’s came to her rescue. Thank you!

C.V., Shreveport, LA 07.18.2024

I was sitting in my car and reached into the back seat and dislocated my hip. I had my Life Alert device in my car so I was able to call for help. An ambulance was sent immediately!

H.G., Toms River, NJ 07.17.2024

I was unable to walk holding my head up. I had not been feeling well for several months, so I pushed my Life Alert button to call for help. Help arrived very quickly and I told the EMT’s I needed to go to the hospital. I spent weeks in the hospital and then rehab. Life Alert was a Godsend. Have also fallen several timed and needed help getting up.

P.C., Thomasville, GA 07.22.2024

I fell out of bed, was on the floor. Because of bad knees, I could not get up. I used my [Life Alert] button – I pressed it and got immediate help and rescue quickly arrived. Thank you Life Alert!

L.K., Lockport, NY 07.18.2024

I was in my house cleaning, and putting things away after Christmas. I lost my balance and fell and couldn’t get up. So, I had my Life Alert, pressed the button, and they were here fast! They were very courteous and helpful. Thank you.

S.C., Barstow, CA 07.17.2024

I was trying to prepare a blow-up bed for a visit from my grandson. It looked like it was inflated but when I sat down on it, it sank and was so low that I couldn’t get back up. I tried repeatedly to get up but couldn’t so I had to call [Life Alert] for help. They arrived and were strong enough to life me up. I was very grateful for their help!

M.M., Claremont, CA 07.19.2024

The attendants were very prompt!!! Life Alert personnel were very attentive, gentle and kind. I would recommend anyone to get this device. It just might save your life!!

D.A., Atlanta, GA 07.18.2024

I have had more than one experience with Life Alert. Each experience was excellent. They answered my call immediately. They stayed on the alert system with me. They informed me that medics had been called. They told me the medics were on their way. They stayed on the alert system with me until the medics arrived. They calmed me when I was alone, that was very important.

L.S., Racine, WI 07.16.2024

I used my Life Alert contact button on my necklace. I was using a walker in the kitchen when I fell. Life Alert staff was courteous and gave excellent service. Thank you guys so much for looking out for me. God bless you all!

S.W., Westminster, CO 07.19.2024

If it wasn’t for Life Alert, I would have stayed on the floor until my wife came home from work. I’ve had several falls and 1 medical emergency and each time Life Alert has been wonderful. Thank you!!

R.S., Mountain View, CA 07.18.2024

I fell and needed help getting up off the floor. [Life Alert] was very helpful and efficient and very pleasant. Thank you.

A.V., Bellingham, WA 07.16.2024

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