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Testimonial of the Day

I arrived home from the grocery store in mid to late afternoon. I was extremely tired and felt somewhat dizzy. My 91 year old mother was in the house, back in her bedroom, asleep. I began unloading the sacks of groceries out of the back seat of the car. All of a sudden I was reaching inside the back seat of the car and as I began to stand up straight I lost my balance and I fell backwards landing on an exercise abs sculptor bar. I then crashed into a metal trash can and then there was a medium sized box beside the trash can, and as I finally hit the cement floor with my head, the box full of stoneware dishes landed on top of me pinning my hands, arms, legs and body between the abs sculptor bars, trash can and box of dishes on my chest. Well, somehow I managed to get my left arm and wrist free from the bars and I immediately pushed my wrist bracelet for Life Alert. Within a few minutes an ambulance arrived and they used the code to open the garage door. And so they rescued me. They took me to the hospital to get checked out. I am very thankful for Life Alert’s services.

J. C., Tulsa, OK

I fell in the backyard and I couldn’t get up. I called Life Alert and the response was quick. I was asked my name and what the problem was. They called the [local] EMS and Life Alert kept talking to me during the process. Police arrived within three minutes, followed by EMS personnel. Life Alert spoke with EMS, while they took care of me and took me into the house. Life Alert kept in touch with EMS until they left. Life Alert also contacted my daughters and called me to make sure I was OK.

L.M., Millbury, OH 04.18.2024

I fell out of bed. The EMTs came quickly, using my code. They were able to enter and lift me up. They checked my vitals, and since there were no injuries, I refused going to the hospital. They were very polite and comforting. I recommend Life Alert to all seniors!

C.S., Plainview, NY 04.17.2024

I fell over a hill and I rolled about 40 feet. I started using my Life Alert as soon as I could and they were here very quickly. I had a broken collarbone and they took me to the hospital to get it fixed. They have been very nice to me, and I really appreciate it!

B.P., Suches, GA 04.15.2024

I fell in the bathtub and could not get up. I called Life Alert. They sent my local ambulance. Sent two courteous, knowledgeable women, who got me up and out in no time. My husband was beside himself, as he could not lift me out. Great!!

E.B., Brooklyn, NY 04.18.2024

Life Alert was a godsend for my parents! Being able to push a button to help is genius! Thank you for saving their lives more times than I can count!

M.P., Jamestown, CA 04.17.2024

After falling and a family member being unable to lift me, Life Alert was called. Staff stayed on the line until the emergency person was at the door to assist!

J.P., Kingsford, MI 04.15.2024

[She] was incoherent, sweating, tongue swollen, low blood, sugar, and low blood pressure. Life Alert sent a rescue squad to help quickly. [Her] life was saved that night, and we are grateful we only had to push the Life Alert button to request help!

M.L., Burlington, WI 04.18.2024

He was weak and shaky and fell. I couldn’t lift him up. The ambulance came in, evaluated him and picked him up. Within one and a half hours, he fell again, and landed on his ice cleat, which poked two holes into his stomach. I immediately hit the big button on Life Alert because it drew blood. He survived, and all is well!

M.S., Palmer, AK 04.16.2024

In the middle of the night, I got up to use the bathroom and tripped on my walker and fell in the bedroom. I could not get up, as hard as I tried, so I hit my Life Alert button. They came within 20 minutes and found me on the bedroom floor. I was thankful I had it!

M.L., Davenport, IA 04.15.2024

When I had an emergency, I called Life Alert. They were here in no time and took me to the hospital. I am so glad I have Life alert, I even recommended it to my best friend who also became a Life Alert owner!

S.S., Las Vegas, NV 04.18.2024

My mom had a stroke two months ago and she pressed the button and Life Alert got the ambulance to her quickly!

T.T., Talladega, AL 04.16.2024

I am really pleased with the [Life Alert] service we have received. I want to thank you all for the timely service my family has received for my mother.

T.S., Gary, IN 04.15.2024

I was finishing trimming up in the yard, and proceeded to stomp the trimming in the bin. Foolishly, I didn’t hold onto the wall or anything. The bin tipped over and I went down. I was unable to get up with my daughter’s help and no neighbors were home. We called Life Alert. When they realized it was not a dire emergency, they sent local paramedics to get me up. They were very helpful, even finished stomping the debris!

S.B., South Daytona, FL 04.17.2024

After using the restroom, I stood up too fast and lost my balance. I fell to my right, and fell into the tub, hitting my head. With my legs over the side of the tub, my roommate at the time came rushing into see what happened. She offered her assistance, but my reply was "that’s why I have Life Alert!" They came and got me up and took me to the hospital because I hit my head.

R.S., Midwest City, OK 04.16.2024

We were out of town and my husband fell in the bathroom. We used his travel Life Alert button, and Life Alert contacted EMS to help my husband get up. Thank goodness he wasn’t seriously hurt, but we were so glad to have Life Alert, just in case!

W.B., Fort Davis, TX 04.12.2024

My mom fell and was stuck and got too tired to get back in her chair. Life Alert got paramedics on scene. It was a great experience for us with Life Alert! Thank you!

C.S., Florence, OR 04.17.2024

I was on my way down the steps to get the mail when I fell. When I fall, I cannot get up, so I pressed my Life Alert button, and the first responders came and got me up. They were very courteous and polite. I am so thankful for Life Alert!

L.L., Jacksonville, FL 04.16.2024

After several trips to the clinic, and the Veteran clinic ER, I can honestly say that Life Alert has likely saved my life at least once, and has taken care of me, on less life-threatening cases the rest of the time. Thanks for being there!

T.T., Prescott Valley, AZ 04.12.2024

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