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Classic System

One touch of a button sends help fast, 24/7, even when you can't reach a phone.

Fully Waterproof
Batteries NEVER need charging***
Wear as pendant or band

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Our service is your lifesaving link to the outside world and to immediate medical attention.

In a perfect world, no one would ever have to face a life-threatening emergency. Unfortunately, accidents do happen. Life Alert members are protected against dire situations, such as, not being able to reach a phone during an emergency.

Permanent damage or disability can be minimized, and even death may be prevented the sooner help arrives. Life Alert provides vital help, 24/7, in the event of any emergency; including heart attacks, strokes and seizures.

Fully Waterproof

Batteries NEVER
need Charging***

1000 feet range

Wear as pendant
or band

Choice of cellular
or landline

24/7 US based

Back-up battery

UL certified


Majority of victims are not within reach of a phone and become completely helpless.

With Life Alert, we send you help FAST and you don't need to be by a phone.

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I have Life Alert!

Prevent a tragedy today. Get 24/7 protection and peace of mind for your family with Life Alert.

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