by Heidi Nestor, Writer and Editor, Life Alert

This Memorial Day remember all venerable loved ones, especially the seniors who are still with us, by getting them Life Alert Protection.

In a home emergency, such as a fall, seizure, heart attack, stroke or other serious illness, a senior may not be able to reach the telephone, and can lie on the floor for hours or days disconnected from any help.  But with one push of the help button on the lightweight pendant activates Life Alert’s patented 2-way communication monitor allowing emergency help to be sent in just like Armed Forces storming the beaches at Normandy.

Celebrating All Our Veterans this Memorial Day.

A nation that has fought hard for its freedoms shouldn’t have to relinquish independence when reaching retirement age. In a survey taken by Nielsen International Research, 87% of Life Alert members said that Life Alert's protection is a main or important factor in their decision to keep living at home rather than going to a retirement institution. Life Alert’s medical alert system gives peace of mind to family members while providing emergency service to their loved one when needed. Life Alert provides seniors independence by allowing them to remain in their own home. This is the kind of independence fought for by our military men and women.

Life Alert’s Signature Medical Alert system is what put personal protection on the map. The lightweight, water proof emergency button can be worn on the wrist or as a pendant. So small and comfortable, it can be tucked into a blouse or under a sleeve, and remain out of sight until needed.  

Life Alert’s focus is on Safety and Independence.  So Life Alert sends technicians to different parts of the world to seek new innovative ways of increasing and improving on emergency technology -- as seen with the unique HELP shower button created exclusively by Life Alert.  This waterproof HELP BUTTON is specially designed for better protection in the shower, bathtubs, bathroom, bedroom or any similar location within your home.  Simply attach it somewhere low on a wall or in the shower and if a fall occurs, just push the one large, easily accessible, button to reach Life Alert’s Emergency Monitoring Center. The HELP button has 2-way communication so you can speak with a Life Alert Dispatcher and get HELP fast. Batteries last up to 10 years and never need charging. 

In addition, Life Alert owns and operates their own CSAA Five Diamond and UL Certified Emergency Dispatch Centers with a full training facility on-site.  Emergency dispatch managers spend up to a year of extensive training. The size of their emergency staff per member is three (3) times greater than a traditional security company.

Just as important, the Life Alert dispatchers manage a crisis for the entire duration of the emergency and stay on the line until you feel safe and taken care of.  They provide important medical information to paramedics on the scene and contact the responsible parties during the emergency and keep them updated.

Life Alert provides as many areas of coverage as there are military branches, with four areas of protection so your elders, their home, and their lifestyle can be as secure and mobile as a Yankee Doodle is dandy.  So this Memorial Day remember our fallen heroes by appreciating the freedoms we have, but also honor your own family by giving your elders the gift of independence; they protected you now it’s your turn to protect them.  Get Life Alert protection and your elderly loved ones will appreciate the freedom it brings and you’ll be grateful for the peace of mind it gives you.

To know more about the many life-saving protection packages Life Alert offers, please call 1-800-380-0768.

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