by Heidi Nestor, Writer and Editor, Life Alert

Life Alert News: Pay back mom for all she has done for you with one simple gift.

She was the doctor who stayed up all night taking care of your cough, mumps, measles, fever and any other medical emergency you had. She was the night watch man protecting you in her arms from noises in the dark, nightmares or when thunderstorms came too close to your bedroom window.

She was the security guard watching how late you came in at night and although she may have roared in anger, you still saw the relief in her eyes when she knew you were safe.

She was the head of the house making sure your home was always clean and presentable, and at times, the drill sergeant ordering you to tidy up your room.

She was the gourmet cook and chief nutritionist making sure you ate your vegetables so you would grow up healthy and strong.  She was the counselor giving valuable advice on the responsibilities of freedom and independence while handing you the keys to the car.

And although this wonder woman had many jobs, the title she prided herself most on was “mom”, and a smile from you was the only pay she needed.

You owe her a lot, so this Mother’s Day skip the flowers and candy, and show mom how much you appreciate her by giving her freedom and independence all year around with Life Alert Protection.

After Mother’s day what is mom left with? An empty box of chocolates and wilted flowers.  But with Life Alert’s medical alert pendant, it provides mom with fast, emergency help, 24/7; and is specifically designed to be lightweight, waterproof, and small enough to be conceled inside a shirt.

Plus, it’s easy to use.  

All mom needs to do is push the button on her pendant and Life Alert’s two-way communication monitor allows dispatchers to communicate with her without using the phone, and will summon help fast.  It’s that simple.  The Life Alert emergency dispatcher will also contact the family and stay on the line with mom until help arrives. 

But that’s not all!  Life Alert also offers great ways to promote safe living conditions for an independent lifestyle with Life Alert’s HELP button.  The waterproof HELP BUTTON is specially designed by Life Alert for better protection in the shower, bathtubs, bathroom, bedroom or any similar location within your home.  Simply attach it the shower/bathroom wall and push the large, easily accessible, 2 way communication button to speak with a Life Alert Dispatcher and get HELP fast. 

Now we know that with all these features mom might get worried that you spent too much money on her.  But you can put her mind at ease by reassuring her that the basic service is less than a monthly cell phone bill.

You only have one mother, and there’s only one Life Alert.  Accept no imitators.  Life Alert Emergency Response is the industry leader in personal protection.  So this Mother’s Day, get mom the best medical alert system and show her how much you appreciate all that she has done for you. 

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