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Introduction by Dr. Don Rose, Writer, Life Alert
A new company called High Yield Living (HYL) aims to show boomers how to successfully deal with “reverse puberty” – the term HYL uses to describe emotions and physical changes boomers go through that often mirror or reverse the feelings and changes experienced during regular (teenage) puberty. One of HYL’s goals is to change how we age in health, beauty, relationships, finance and spirituality. –Don Rose

(PRWEB) November 14, 2006 -- Linda Franklin, a passionate advocate for the baby boomer generation, has launched High Yield Living LLC, a website and a blog High-Yield Living™ (HYL) offers boomers cutting edge strategies for successfully managing their aging process. HYL’s research has identified that the key categories that boomers find most challenging as they age are health, beauty, relationships, finance and spirituality. "Age is inevitable; how we age isn’t," says Linda, who firmly believes that aging is a kind of reverse puberty. "There is the old paradigm that says ‘we’re getting old and there’s not much we can do about it.’ I subscribe to the new aging paradigm that says ‘there is plenty we can do about it’".

Linda has a natural talent for thinking outside the box. She was the first Canadian woman to own her seat on the New York Stock Exchange. She then became managing partner in charge of arbitrage trading for a leading Wall Street investment firm. Now, in "Act Two," Linda has developed winning strategies for boomers who feel "we’re just not that old".

Here are High-Yield Living’s 10 Tips Baby Boomers Need to Know for the New Year.

  1. Me, For Better Or Worse
    My body is changing like it or not. How I take care of myself now will shape my life for years to come.
  2. It’s Never Too Late to Dream
    I will always have a dream. My dreams are the voice of my soul.
  3. Playtime
    I always have energy for things that makes me happy. Playtime is something I do just for me.
  4. Letting Go
    Sometimes a relationship just runs its course. It’s okay to let go.
  5. Changing Priorities
    My wants are changing. I accept the change and move forward. If not now, when?
  6. Getting off the Fence
    Over thinking doesn’t help me. Action does! Today I move forward.
  7. Intimacy
    It’s easier to be intimate with other people when I take the time to become intimate with myself
  8. Reaching Out
    I will do what I can to help other people. Giving back is a gift.
  9. Changing Others
    I’ve learned I can’t change other people and have stopped trying
  10. Clutter
    I release what no longer serves me. Cleaning up makes room for something new and exciting.

High-Yield Living™ is about changing the aging paradigm and these tips are a great way for boomers to start off 2007 with passion and excitement.

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