Written by Heidi Nestor, Writer and Editor, Life Alert

This St. Patrick’s Day make sure the luck of the Irish is with you in the event of a medical or home emergency by having Life Alert Protection.

With one touch of a button our emergency dispatchers are there to help, 24/7, protecting you against medical, fire, CO gas poisoning, and home intrusion emergencies. So if you feel yourself turning as green as the Emerald Isle, then simply press your button and help will be sent as fast as a leprechaun hiding his gold.

Moreover, Life Alert Classic or our 50+ System can either be worn around the neck, on the wrist, or attached it to a belt for a more fashionable option while dancing the Irish jig.

And now, adding protection for your home and family is much easier than finding a 4-leaf clover. Life Alert offers monitored CO gas poisoning and smoke detectors which send a signal to our dispatchers. So in the event that your corned beef and cabbage dinner boils over putting out the pilot light and filling the kitchen with poisonous gas, Life Alert will notify you and send help even if we can’t reach you…and that’s no blarney.

Life Alert also offers a special 911 phone so your protection can be as mobile as you in case
you’re out on a walk and find yourself suddenly face first in a pasture full of shamrocks. Just push the 911 phone and help will be sent.

For a free brochure visit www.lifealert.com or call 1-800-380-0768. Life Alert Protection - it’s like having a leprechaun grant you three wishes of protection, security, and independence.

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