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About Life Alert

45,095 Persons were saved by Life Alert from a catastrophe in 2020*

Life Alert ® is a Personal Emergency Response and Home Medical Alert System company that saves lives from catastrophic outcomes, using a unique technology to provide superior home audio monitoring protection. Founded in 1987, Life Alert ® provides its service to members nationwide. The company employs over 600 people, all in the United States.

The company’s service solves a major home security issue. Life Alert’s protection helps people to live at home with independence and comfort, living their lives the way they want to, with a feeling of safety and peace of mind.

Life Alert ® handles over two million calls a year, and on average saves at least one life from a potential catastrophic* outcome Every 11 minutes (over 45,000 in 2020). In Life Alert’s Monitoring Center, the size of its emergency staff per member is 200% greater than a traditional security company.

About Us
We Save a Life Every 11 Minutes!

Our Customer Testimonials

I am a 74 year old woman. I live alone. About 1:30 AM, I was having trouble breathing. I pushed my Life Alert bracelet and stated, “I can’t breathe.” Within minutes, the EMT was at my house. My breathing was so shallow, I didn’t think I would be able to open the door. I was given medical assistance and was rushed to the hospital with acute respiratory failure. Indeed, Life Alert saved my life.
L.C. Indianapolis, IN

My mother got sick with stomach pains. After taking some over-the-counter med, the pain got worse. She pushed the [Life Alert] button and medical help arrived very fast. We are all very pleased. She had to go into emergency surgery to remove her gallbladder. She is doing great! Thank you, Life Alert, you saved my mother’s life.
R.T. Vicksburg, MS

The carbon monoxide alarm went off. Fire department arrived quickly. Turned off furnace and brought fans in to clear air. Furnace had a leak. Fire department said levels were dangerously high. So, basically the Life Alert alarm saved the 3 people I love most. Thank you.
M.B. Seabrook, TX

We are the ONE & ONLY Life Alert.®


LIFE ALERT is the LIFE SAVING LEADER and best choice medical alert system to protect seniors and all family members in home emergencies.

We Save a Life Every 11 Minutes!