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Our Customer Testimonials

I have called upon Life Alert two separate times. Once when I fell while walking my dog. The second most recent time I developed vertigo. Not a pleasant experience. Life Alert responded both times in record time. Having Life Alert has given me the ability to venture out without worry. If I need Life Alert], I know they will be there.
J.L. Lakewood, CA

Mom woke up at 4AM, said she could not breathe. We pressed her [Life Alert] button and paramedics were here in a flash. Took her to the hospital where she stayed a week with double pneumonia. Having the convenience of the Life Alert necklace was wonderful.
F.J. Magnolia, TX

At 12:00 am, client, an amputee, showed signs of having dementia, and put eggs on to be boiled. After doing so, she went back to bed. Life Alert smoke detector in the house detected smoke. Life Alert tried to contact her, but no answer; the fire department ambulance service and all family members were contacted in a timely manner which saved her life.
L.C. Newton, MS

My mom, who is an independent 99 year old, fell. It was exactly as Life Alert’s advertisement. She fell around 7:45PM. She was able to press her Life Alert and tell them what happened. Life Alert followed protocol—calling ambulance. They called her facility and called me. She was at the hospital by 8:30PM. She had a broken hip. So glad I had purchased Life Alert! Thank you for saving my mom.
N.H. Atlanta, GA

As far as I am concern, Life Alert saved my life. The paramedics were great and fast at getting me to the hospital. The pacemaker didn’t do its job. The heart beat was so low that it didn’t kick in. Life Alert people are the greatest. My son got us Life Alert because he was afraid of our health issues with him being in another city. Thank you.
L.C. New Park, PA

I was on vacation at another city. I could not breath, hit my Life Alert button on my GPS. And in a matter of a few minutes, help was there. If it had not been for Life Alert, I would not be here today. I found out I have a heart valve that is stuck open and would need open heart surgery. Thank God for Life Alert.
W.D. Elberfeld, IN

I was watching T.V. and heard the alarm. I thought it was on T.V. but it kept sounding. I turned the T.V. off and a person on Life Alert came on telling me to get out of the house and wait for the firemen. I did and when the firemen arrived, they told me it was carbon monoxide. If it hadn’t been for Life Alert, I might not be here today. I thank you, Life Alert, for your service and the wonderful people.
G.B. Glendale, AZ

I had an unexpected first time seizure in my bathroom while getting ready for my doctor’s appointment. I fell unconscious for a few minutes but had enough brain to crawl to my bedside table for my Life Alert button. I had taken it off just long enough to dress. I pushed the [Life Alert] button and one of [Life Alert’s] staff talked to me immediately and kept me talking until the EMTs arrived. Life Alert notified my two sons at the same time. Life Alert is truly a blessing. Life Alert truly saved my life.
B.S. Wellington, OH

Life Alert alerted us that the coal burner in our basement was malfunctioning and our house was filling up with carbon monoxide. Life Alert notified the fire department. Life Alert literally saved our lives. Life Alert responded at 4:15 AM while we were sleeping.
J.B. Spring Brook Township, PA

I felt dizzy, weak, and it persisted. So, I pressed the Life Alert button. They answered right away and they stayed on the phone as help was on the way. [EMTs] arrived and took my vitals, found my heart rate was 33, very low, so they transported me to the hospital emergency room. I was admitted and now have a pacemaker to regulate my heart. I am sure I could have died if I didn’t have Life Alert available.
T.G. Ballston Spa, NY

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