Saving a LIFE from a potential catastrophe Every 11 Minutes!*

Every 11 Minutes!*


Medical Emergencies

One touch of a button sends help fast, 24/7, for medical, fall, fire and home intrusion emergencies even when you can’t reach a phone.


Shower Emergencies

The Shower HELP Button is exclusively designed by Life Alert for better protection in the shower, bathtubs, bathroom or any similar location within your home.


HELP On-The-Go / GPS

Get HELP away from home with a push of a button anywhere in the United States. Includes GPS.

  • - No Landline? No Problem!
  • - Wireless options available
  • - Free use of equipment
  • - Free shipping
I live alone, but am never alone. I have Life Alert

Medical Emergencies


Life Alert’s signature service is a lifesaving link to the outside world for immediate medical attention. The faster help is reached, the greater the chance to minimize the risk of permanent damage, disability and even death.


  • 800 feet range
  • Pendant or wristband option
  • Batteries never need charging**
  • Waterproof & lightweight


  • Choice of cellular or landline.
  • Back-up battery lasts up to 72 hours.
  • 24/7 US-based monitoring.
All our equipment is maintenance free. equipment

Life Alert saves lives by offering top quality 24/7 emergency protection and state of the art UL-certified equipment.

Our cutting edge emergency pendant is lightweight with a range of 800 feet, keeping you protected anywhere in your home, 24/7, day or night. Pendant can be worn on the wrist or as a necklace, and does not need charging.

No landline, no problem! Our wireless options are cutting-edge allowing you to remain protected without a landline.

We Save a Life Every 11 Minutes!
I'm never alone, Life Alert is always here for me.

The Shower HELP Button

For Shower / Bathroom Emergencies. No telephone line or electrical outlet needed.


The waterproof Shower HELP Button was exclusively developed by Life Alert for better protection in the shower, bathtubs, bathrooms or any similar location within your home.

Batteries never need charging**

Simply push one large, easily accessible button to reach Life Alert’s Emergency Monitoring Center where you can speak directly with Life Alert® and get help fast, 24/7.

We Save a Life Every 11 Minutes!
HELP On-the-Go with GPS

HELP On-the-Go with GPS

For Emergencies away from home.


Push the easily-accessible button to reach Life Alert's Emergency Monitoring Center.


Nationwide coverage. You can be located by GPS anywhere in the United States where GSM cellular phones operate.


Batteries never need charging**


Only 1.75” X 2.75”. Lightweight and fully waterproof. Can be worn on a keychain, belt clip, as a necklace or carried in a bag or in a pocket.

We are the ONE & ONLY Life Alert.®


LIFE ALERT is the LIFE SAVING LEADER and best choice medical alert system to protect seniors and all family members in home emergencies.

We Save a Life Every 11 Minutes!